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Saturday, July 4, 2009
「 bouncing away 2:40 PM 」


im backk to revive this place by abit:):)

everytime i come here, seee the previous post, make me feel so obsessed:X
you want criticise also can lor, i wont listen lahh:)


im very tired.
school has just re-open but the teachers are like:X:X:X:X:X
cannotmakeit sia:X

i prefer the "olden days"

byes, off to facebook again:)
lifetime addiction:X


Signing off, US.


Saturday, May 16, 2009
「 bouncing away 8:41 PM 」

Okay MYE was over long long long ago, not very long, but i felt THAT long:D
I dunno what to do now.
Life very boringg

And im stilll addicted as usual,
other 2 bloggers, dun blame me for posting this up.
cause im getting toobored:D

bye* poof* im gone:D


thanks all for tagging, coz this is dead:D

Signing off, US.


Friday, May 1, 2009
「 bouncing away 11:20 PM 」

Mid Year Exam in 3 days time!
&& im still here blogging.

There's seriously something wrong with me here::X:X:X
im like talking to air, coz no one reads here:D
After exam, i will see how to revive this place la:D
my blog is much more alive lor:X

sharon and weiting:
can go visit my blog:D when you're free after the exams:D
seriously crapiness there, but yeah. random:D

that's all for now:D
i should go sleep or go revise for MYE now:D
gdnites people?!?!


Signing off, US.


Thursday, February 26, 2009
「 bouncing away 7:40 PM 」

whee i think we should go back to pps soon,
have not went back this year.

eh, about the tagboard incident,
i think its a misunderstanding, so forget about it.

its commontest period for me now,
had maths today, tmr would be lit,
actually there isnt much to study for, ho

then nxt wk would be hist geog and sci,
and then we will go to malaysia for our lj (:

haahs, we will be going to some forest i think,
i think its great to be in the nature,
so really quite excited for the trip (:


Signing off, US.


Thursday, February 19, 2009
「 bouncing away 6:03 PM 」

hellos people, i know it has been ages and ages since i posted.. BUSY MARHS. i mean it. firstly i got some things to settle:

To the person who used JingYin's name to talk all those crap: FINE crap somemore i tell SL abt this then i save all the evidence la, DEAL? THINK ABOUT THIS!
what's the point of saying on blog, u wanna confront me then confront me in school lar. i know you're from 202 de lorh.. i aint that stupid okay

anyways, just heard( as in MSN conversation) from grace(202) that our C'Div boys got NORTH ZONE CHAMPS! and our B'Div boys got 2nd, NOT BAD WORRHH...

to those who tagged: thanks alot! this is seriously dead, the other 2 people also dont really care, im so gooing to abandon this blog REAL SOON! WT and Sharon, u heard it. IM GONNA abandon this blog, SERIOUSLY.
im like the only one posting here, so what's the point?
not that i wanna blame or something, u guys should at least contribute somehow, esp. Sharon( but no offence)

who else but the only one crapping and keeping this blog alive

Signing off, US.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008
「 bouncing away 1:53 PM 」

*according to the wedding song DANG DANG DANGDANG*
1 a 2 a 3 4 (for music ppl to understand)
Nice right?
But this is 100% TRUE( not fabricated okay?- i don't mean the fabric that you wear)haha

only have 1 word to describe... which is DIE( i know this is inauspicious :X)

* to Sharon and WeiTing: can you please try to post? I dont wanna have a situation where only 1 of us is posting and updating the blog... Im not claiming credit or whatsoever, but i just dont want this to happen to this blog... Hope you all will understand what crap am i trying to talk about.

Now here's a very good example:
I have a shared blog with 5 other friends( that's uber cool i tell you), and the blog is ALIVE!
I know there's a big difference between 3 ppl and 6 ppl..
But im sure we can do the same right?

*I have updated/added the links so dont say i never update..

Oh yah, there's a show on OKTO that is quite funny, called
It is about people from other countries learning english

who else but the one always posting crap :X

Signing off, US.


Sunday, November 9, 2008
「 bouncing away 10:00 AM 」

YOYO the below is ripped off from 6-10'07 class blog... but the person who posted that is still me!heehees.. here it goes:

I dont think that many people would be online at this time to look at this post, cause they are preparing to go to MrsLau's house? haha... anyways,

For those who sees this, ermm just see this? i dont know what to say yeah...
OKAY i know what to say! chen lao shi is going to mrs lau's house later... :D


Signing off, US.